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The latest Tender documents issued by various Government Departments, Directorates, Organisations, Institutions and local bodies of PSUs of Ministry of Defence are listed here.
S.No e-Published Date Bid Submission Closing Date Tender Opening Date Title and Ref.No./Tender ID Organisation Chain Corrigendum
1. 14-Mar-2019 05:00 PM 26-Mar-2019 11:00 AM 26-Mar-2019 03:00 PM [Hand held G P S with spares] [MP/Q/001213/18-19][2019_HSL_76988_1] Hindustan Shipyard Limited||MAIN PURCHASE  
2. 13-Mar-2019 04:15 PM 26-Mar-2019 02:00 PM 27-Mar-2019 02:00 PM [Bow mounted Sonar Dome ] [1600000726][2019_MDL_76959_1] Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited||Ship Building Division - MDL||Commecial-Naval Project - MDL||C-P15B - MDL  
3. 13-Mar-2019 03:00 PM 23-Mar-2019 11:00 AM 23-Mar-2019 02:00 PM [LED street lights and cabling work at company premises] [NAMUCS181917002172][2019_BEL_76969_1] Bharat Electronics Limited||Navi Mumbai - BEL||Contracts-Navi Mumbai - BEL  
4. 12-Mar-2019 03:00 PM 27-Mar-2019 11:00 AM 27-Mar-2019 03:00 PM [PROCUREMENT OF PNEUMATIC FENDERS] [SBO/Q/001205/18-19 DTD 12/03/2019][2019_HSL_76951_1] Hindustan Shipyard Limited||MAIN PURCHASE  
5. 12-Mar-2019 12:00 PM 25-Mar-2019 04:00 PM 26-Mar-2019 11:00 AM [Water Proofing works at CMC Store inside the Factory.] [03/203429/0019][2019_BEL_76939_1] Bharat Electronics Limited||Bangalore Unit - BEL||ES - BEL||Contracts-ES - BEL  
6. 11-Mar-2019 06:00 PM 21-Mar-2019 06:00 PM 22-Mar-2019 03:00 PM [Supply of Paints for Yd. 1233-37 ] [G24/DDN/Paints/Yd. 1233-37][2019_GSL_76934_1] Goa Shipyard Limited||COMMERCIAL  
7. 11-Mar-2019 04:30 PM 22-Mar-2019 12:00 PM 25-Mar-2019 02:00 PM [PUR/LT/SKN/RPB-0078/NIGHT VISION GOGGLES/2RPB-0377/N.ET-0550] [PUR/LT/SKN/NIGHT VISION GOGGLES/2RPB-0377/NET-0550][2019_GRSE_76935_1] Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd.||Main Unit - GRSE||Purchase - GRSE  
8. 11-Mar-2019 04:00 PM 23-Mar-2019 04:00 PM 25-Mar-2019 11:00 AM [Proposed Modernization for South Wing CRL BE BG.] [03/000011/2019][2019_BEL_76925_1] Bharat Electronics Limited||Bangalore Unit - BEL||ES - BEL||Contracts-ES - BEL  
9. 09-Mar-2019 12:30 PM 02-Apr-2019 11:00 AM 02-Apr-2019 03:00 PM [CO2 gas of in Suppliers own cyls.Purity of gas 99.8 percentage as per I.S.307/1966] [MP/Q/001201/18-19 dtd 08/03/2019][2019_HSL_76915_1] Hindustan Shipyard Limited||MAIN PURCHASE  
10. 08-Mar-2019 04:00 PM 21-Mar-2019 02:00 PM 22-Mar-2019 02:00 PM [Procurement of Biscuits ] [BG/ES8/40/08032019][2019_BEL_76909_1] Bharat Electronics Limited||Bangalore Unit - BEL||ES - BEL||Purchase-ES - BEL  
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